Nov. 12, 2010

Computing Power for Multi-Camera Applications

The EOS-1000 from Adlink Technology is the industry's first compact vision system based on the Intel Core2 Duo P8400 processor. The EOS-1000 provides four independent Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports with data transfer rates up to 4.0 GB/s and combines high computing power and multi-camera imaging-ideal for applications such as 3D vision robotic guidance.

The EOS-1000 is a compact-size 7.8" x 6.5" x 3.3" (200 x 165 x 85 mm) vision system designed for demanding industrial environments and mission critical applications. It has undergone harsh vibration and shock testing during its design to ensure durability. While in operation, the EOS-1000 can tolerate vibrations of up to 5 G. Long-life embedded components were selected and system monitoring components were incorporated to monitor CPU temperature, fan speed, and system responsiveness to further provide a very robust and reliable platform.

The PoE technology featured on the EOS-1000 allows power to be supplied through the Ethernet cable. Vision applications will greatly benefit by the extended cable distances of up to 100 m. Such PoE solutions can simplify system installation and lower the maintenance costs. The EOS-1000 also provides an auto detection function to ensure compatibility with both PoE, and conventional non-PoE devices.

The recent emergence of 3D robot guidance has improved accuracy and speed. Position and orientation are determined based on the obtained three-dimensional data. Processing this information requires a high performance, multi-core solution. The EOS-1000 combines this processing capability with four on-board PoE ports to provide a cost-effective system ideal for 3D robotic guidance, vision inspection, and other such applications used on production lines.

The EOS-1000 also features multiple I/O options, including two RS-232/485, four USB, 32 isolated digital lines, and dual storage options (HDD and CompactFlash) for a ready-to-use vision system.


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