Oct. 16, 2014

Chromasens introduces stereo color line scan camera

The new Chromasens 3DPIXA is a stereo color line scan camera which captures two images from the same object. Height data is calculated from these two images in real time with advanced pattern matching algorithms running on GPUs. Unique is an optical resolution up to 5 micron. This innovative merging of line scan technology and ultra-fast 3D stereo algorithms opens up new machine vision applications that demand precise and fast 2D and 3D measurements. This includes high-precision inspection of metallic surfaces e.g. for the medical and automotive sectors, inspection of printed circuit boards and measuring of solder joints and connectors.

The high resolution allows for capturing of small structures and connectors in the microelectronics and semiconductors sector. Included with the camera is easy-to-integrate CS-3D-API software that makes 2D images and 3D data available. 


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