Sep. 26, 2016

CCS Introduces New Line of Line Lights

CCS introduces the all-new LNSP2 series, the newest addition to its line-up of line lights and successor to its high intensity LNSP series.  The all-new LNSP2 series features higher intensity than its predecessor. At a light working distance of 50mm, the new series has an intensity of 650.000lx. This makes it more than 50% brighter than the old LNSP series, all without sacrificing any of its uniformity. The LNSP2 series has a unique illuminating mechanism when it comes to light diffusion. By controlling the diffusion of the LNSP2 through this unique system, there will be less change in intensity, even though the distance to your workpiece increases.

CCS redesigned the body of the LNSP2 series to make it even more easy to use. The new shape allows the LNSP2 series to be very close to the camera when using it at a high angle, all without the housing blocking the camera view. Likewise, when you use the LNSP2 series at a low angle, you are now able to get even closer to the vicinity of your workpiece, all thanks to the newly designed body.
Just like its predecessor, the LNSP2 series is natural air-cooled. Due to the smart design choices of the housing, the need of a fan is obsolete. This, coupled with the already light-weight and compact housing, makes the LNSP2 series easy to install in your machine vision application.
The LNSP2 series will feature coaxial units up to 500mm as an option. These additional units can be easily attached to the LNSP2 series, making it ideal if you need illumination at the same axis as the camera.

Two different types

With the LNSP2 series, CCS introduces two different types. The standard type features a diffuser, which increases uniformity. This type is ideal for brightfield applications. For example, when you are looking for foreign material on your workpiece, this type would suit your needs.
The NDF type will have no diffuser. This increases the intensity to 900.000 lux at a light working distance of 50mm, but it has a decreased uniformity when compared to the standard type. The NDF type is recommended when you use it in darkfield applications. For example, when you are looking at stains and scratches on glass or high reflective surfaces this type will be ideal.


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