Aug. 12, 2010

Brightest LED Illumination

Microscan, provider for track and trace solutions, introduces the Nerlite machine vision line, further demonstrating the company's commitment to investment in a leading edge machine vision lighting portfolio.

New Nerlite Hi-Brite machine vision lights include a bright LED illumination, providing superior illumination over large areas in applications such as package sorting, food processing and packaging, automotive or aerospace assembly, or any large surface inspection. Hi-Brite lights allow the intensity to be increased and focused to provide illumination to the part, even at a distance.

Versatile options, such as multiple sizes and color wavelengths, 10° spot and 50° flood lenses, provide the flexibility to be used at both near and far distances to accommodate a variety of applications. For ease of use, Hi-Brite lights feature an integrated controller to quickly adjust light intensity from ultra bright to low light, and operate in continuous or strobe mode. Additionally, the Hi-Brite series feature standard industrial M12 connectors, and an industrial IP67 rating for protection against dust, fibers and immersion in liquid. Up to four Hi-Brite lights can be connected (daisy chained) on one power supply and, like all Nerlite products, the 24 V power standard matches most industrial factory settings.

As part of the Nerlite product line, the Hi-Brite series joins a broad machine vision lighting technology portfolio of approximately 300 standard lights, as well as custom designs for unique applications. Nerlite lights are 100 percent LED-based and offer the advantages of fast response, long life, multiple wavelengths and high-intensity capability. Nerlite machine vision lighting is designed for reliability in industrial applications.


Microscan Systems, Inc.
1201 SW. 7th St.
98057 Renton, WA
Phone: +1 425 226 5700
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