Oct. 17, 2011

BitFlow I/O Cables Simplify Development of Machine Vision Systems

BitFlow unveiled a new line of development products specifically designed to assist engineers in the layout and modeling of imaging systems employing the company's acclaimed Karbon, Neon-CLB and Neon-CLQ frame grabbers.

Based on a customer request, BitFlow was able to design and build these development kits to benefit the R & D Department of a major corporation. The most cost-effective approach to system development, the new blocks are available in external 16-pin, 40-pin and 60-pin D-sub configurations and feature standard industrial mounting capabilities. Each screw connector is labeled with a simple-to-read pin number to match a corresponding one referenced in the product manual, simplifying installation to multiple signals.

Each block configuration comes with a frame grabber-specific cable that carries signals from the grabber's connector to the terminal block. The 16-position block (IOB-DEV-C16-CLB) comes with a Neon-CLB cable; the 40-position block (IOB-DEV-C40) ships with a ribbon cable for Neon-CLD, as does the the 60-position block (IOB-DEV-C60) for the Karbon and the Neon-CLQ.

While these kits are aimed at R & D, it has been observed that, due to the DIN rail mounting capabilities of the blocks, some of these will end up in production models as well.



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