Nov. 20, 2018

Bird's eye view for VeriSens vision sensors and ColorFEX in compact devices

Baumer has expanded its XF series of VeriSens vision sensors with models using the multiple award-winning ColorFEX technology, which for the first time simplifies color checks in a compact design with integrated lens and lighting. In addition, with release 2.10 of the Application Suite, a software update has been made available that meets numerous customer requests for encrypted data transmission and function extension.

The 700/800 color models of the XF series allow the cost-effective combination of color checks, code reading (1D, 2D codes) and reading and verifying plain text (OCR/OCV) in one compact device. With the intelligent ColorFEX 3D color assistant, object colors and their shades are automatically identified and visualized in 3D.

With version 2.10 of the VeriSens Application Suite, the ID510, XF700/800 and XC700/800 vision sensors benefit from numerous software expansions. SFTP ensures secure communication, from image processing to image storage. With HTTPS, the encrypted connection is supported through a web interface. For the XF700/800 and XC700/800 monochrome models, real-time correction is available for distortion, shading and perspective bias. This allows exact image analysis even when the VeriSens is installed at an angle. The corrected image resembles a bird's eye view and allows the exact positioning of a robot gripper, or precise dimensional checks.


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