May. 27, 2014

AOS: Intuitive to Use High-Speed Camera System

The portable, high-speed camera system Promon Scope by AOS enables monitoring and convenient analysis of fast processes. These processes can be recorded with up to 2000 frames per second and played back in slow motion. This allows identification of possible adjustments and optimization potential, and targeted resolution of causes for failures.
Promon Scope is highly intuitive to use, and has been designed to allow autonomous operation. Sporadically occurring problems can be reliably traced. The discrete trigger-entrance is of great importance, as it allows connection of PLC, Relais, or switch button. In addition, two A/D entrances provide image-synchronized recording of tensions, switching states, and temperatures. This information proves valuable in analyzing recordings. Recorded data is editable on the Promon Scope can be converted to another file system, and can also be transferred via USB- or eSATA storage medium to another PC for further processing.


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