Oct. 27, 2015

Vision Engineering: New Stereo and Digital Microscopes

Optical stereo microscope with a perfect three dimensional stereo image or digital microscope with Full-HD live video image quality – both methods are very suitable for a wide range of applications in production, quality or laboratory environment. Vision Engineering opens all opportunities of the optical and digital inspection and documentation with the Lynx EVO and EVO Cam systems.

Perfect image + ergonomic advantage

Superb image quality and a comfortable working position are not luxury features - they are the key to increased productivity and quality. Whether you would like to magnify, inspect, dissect, measure or document – optical or digital – the result should be provided as a significant stereo image through the optical microscope or as a digital live video image in superb Full-HD quality on a monitor to discuss in a group and archive pictures afterwards. In an incomparable ergonomically manner – without compromises.

Optical eye-pieceless stereo microscope family

Lynx EVO is ergonomic without adjustments or modification. Users benefit from dramatically improved comfort and ease of use; businesses benefit from increased productivity and efficiency, driving quality improvements and reduced costs.

An ergonomic working position not only makes Lynx EVO much more comfortable and much less fatiguing, but also much easier to use. Optimal operator ergonomics minimises the risk of repetitive strain-related injuries. A happy worker is a productive worker.

Die significant optical specifications of Lynx EVO are:

  • 10:1 zoom ratio with indexing lever
  • Magnification 120x max. (6 - 60x standard)
  • 8-point LED ringlight
  • Ergo bench stand or multi-axis boom stand
  • Optional camera and software solutions for documentation
  • 360° rotating viewer for an angled-view and ultimate convenience

Modern digital microscopes with Full-HD live images

Full-HD live video imaging (1080p/60fps) brings to life a macroscopic an microscopic world in stunning detail, with magnification options up to 300x and full auto focus to ensure ultra-sharp imaging at all times.

Unlock the power of full-HD imaging with the EVO Cam high performance digital microscope.
A range of objective lens options ensure stunning results for any application, whether for high magnification, high precision detail work, or for manipulation, re-work and assembly tasks requiring an extra-long working distance.
Effortlessly capture full-HD images direct to USB memory stick or optional software solution for a professional image processing (image capturing, measuring, storing and documentation of images on a PC).

First-class optics and high resolution camera:

  • Stunning full-HD live video image quality (1080p/60fps)
  • High performance optics with modern digital technology
  • Quick and professional imaging for reliable results
  • Range of wide-field and precision objective lenses providing zoom magnification options up to 300x
  • View whole samples, then zoom into the smallest detail with the 30:1 optical zoom
  • Range of stand options


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