Feb. 20, 2013

Vision Engineering introduces Digital Magnifier CamZ

CamZ is the first digital magnifier with a 4.3" TFT LCD display suitable for production area and providing an internally stored image for download via USB to PC. The built in camera shows the image live on the magnifier display. Magnification can be adjusted from 4x to 14x at various levels to get brilliant, high contrast images. A single push button freezes and captures the image for further processing. Suitable for applications in production and assembly areas, in the electronics, mechanics, medical device, laboratory, R&D, during incoming controls, and many more.

CamZ is applicable for...

  • For all sorts of roving inspection tasks.
  • When I cannot move the subject, or it saves me from having to take the subject to QC.
  • My first time error definition tasks.
  • For mobile documentation of manufacturing or assembly faults.
  • When I just need quick, simple on-screen X,Y dimensioning.

Essential features...

  • The large high resolution display - I can see every detail.
  • Ergonomic ‘One-Hand-Operation'.
  • Magnification in 6 levels from 4x - 14x.
  • Simple operation, compact and robust design.
  • Two dimmable high performance LED's, individually controlled. 
  • Micro USB port for data transfer

CamZ comes with a hard plastic foam filled case inclusive USB transfer cable and universal USB charger.


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