Dec. 15, 2015

Vieworks: World’s Highest Resolution Hybrid TDI Line Scan Camera

Vieworks announces the new lineup of the world’s highest resolution TDI line scan cameras, VT Series. VT Series is designed for applications where environmental constraints such as lightings, exposure time are considerably severe. Vieworks has developed the world’s first hybrid TDI line scan sensors in VT Series by its own design, which boast high performance by taking many advantages from both CCD and CMOS sensors. VT-18KX, the highest resolution model, has the maximum sensitivity of 256 times of the same sensor without TDI stages. By adopting the fastest interface standard, CoaXPress, VT-9KX, a 9k resolution model can attain 120 kHz at maximum.

VT Series has diverse lineup to allow users choose a product with reasonable price. VT Series lineup has resolutions of 4k, 9k, 12k and 18k. It support both Camera Link and CoaXPress for interface. VT Series is ideal for applications such as flat panel display inspection, printed circuit board inspection, and high resolution document scanning.


Vieworks Co., Ltd.
41-3, Burim-ro 170 beon-gil
431-060 Gyeonggi-do
Phone: +82 70 7011 6161
Telefax: +82 31 386 8631

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