Dec. 21, 2009

Ulis Extends its High-Definition Thermal Imaging Product Line

Ulis will introduce a new longwave 640 x 480 17-micron format infrared detector to fill the gap between IR camera makers' needs for high-resolution and system compactness in imaging devices.

The new compact 640 x 480 17-micron IR detector is designed to significantly upgrade the image quality of IR cameras used in surveillance, enhanced night driving and thermography (i.e. detecting heat loss in buildings). The detector's footprint, 24 x 24 mm², one of the smallest on the sensor market, will enable camera makers to gain increased resolution (640 x 480) without requiring an increase in system size. This fulfils a previously unmet need in camera compactness and performance. Camera makers will also benefit from the 17-micron's additional advantages, such as its low power consumption, less than 0.160 W, the lowest in this product category, and its lightweight, less than 10g, which is among the lightest on this market.

"Ulis' track record in delivering high quality products in large volumes will allow us to be the first to make tens of thousands of this very compact, high resolution 640 x 480 17-micron IR detector commercially available," says Jean-François Delepau, managing director of Ulis.

With this new IR detector, the company further expands its high-definition product line, bringing the company closer to offering a full-range of 17-micron thermal sensor formats. The product is currently undergoing client evaluation. Volume production is expected to begin Q2 2010. 


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