Aug. 21, 2010

Tools Monitoring

With NanoMatic, the company Tool MT presents a CNC measuring machine for rapid production monitoring of tools.

With a design that dampens vibration, and special tool positioning on a sapphire-coated V-groove, high-precision tool measurements are possible without runout or pendulum errors. The repeatability of the machine for radius, diameter, or form measurements is in the range of tenths of micrometers.

Optimal detection of cutting edges at high resolution is achieved with motorized zoom optics. In addition to fully automatic sample testing during series production, the measuring machine can also be used for 100% inspection, due to very fast measurement speed.

The measurement software has a simple user interface. Tools such as mills, drills, form cutters, step tools, and reamers can be measured simply and quickly. The standard machine can accommodate tools up to 20 mm in diameter. Larger measurement ranges are available upon request.


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