Oct. 31, 2016

Tool & Jig Verification

Quality is only as good as your manufacturing process’ weakest link. When starting a new production line, for preventive maintenance operations or in case of production drifts, production tools (moulds, jigs, frames, presses, etc.) should be regularly tested and adjusted or fixed to deliver expected levels of performance. Moreover, improper machine alignment or changes to your tool, mold or die specifications can cause major inefficiencies due to rework, along with wasted resources and production backlogs.

Learn how ­Creaform’s solutions dedicated to quality control, can help you perform accurate and fast jig, tool, mold and die inspection.

Tool & jig inspection/adjustment

Inspecting and adjusting jig and tools prior to a production run can be a lengthy and cumbersome process, especially if they have to be transferred to a metrology lab. Creaform’s 3D measurement systems let you easily and quickly verify, align and adjust your jigs and tools for maximum accuracy. With their portability and ease of use, our quality control solutions can be used directly in your production environment and by virtually any level of user. Using their dynamic and automatic alignment functionalities, you can accurately adjust your jigs and tools, in just a few minutes, speeding up the alignment phase and eliminating human errors.

Mold and die inspection

During time-crunched production runs, you need to know that your molds and dies will produce parts reliably according to spec. In addition, stamping, casting and plastic injection processes must deal with physical phenomena, such as shrinkage and spring back effect, which makes it complicated to match the CAD geometry. Creaform’s 3D measurement solutions help you to easily inspect the die/mold geometry and initially produced parts in order to reduce the number of costly design iterations and adjustments and, ultimately, manufacture parts that perfectly match the CAD reference.

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