May. 16, 2011

SAL3D: Vision Software Enables Volume Measurements

SAL3D´s new module, the Area Tool, automatically determines the volume of scanned objects at high speeds, thus enabling complete in-line measurements.

Aqsense´s flexible 3D vision software library offers two functional configurations: The measurement of an area with respect to a reference line and the measurement of closed profile areas. The first configuration makes use of a single camera-laser system and is employed, e.g., in fish slicing applications. The closed profile configuration uses a multicamera-laser system and analyses the complete outline of whatever figure, allowing the measurement of any object while, for example, changing from one conveyor belt to another.

The Area Tool has a wide range of applications in the food industry and has successfully been used by Aqsense in several projects like sausages slicing or material density checking for the detection of inner bubbles.

About Aqsense
Aqsense develops and commercializes 3D point cloud acquisition and processing libraries that allow high speed in-line 100% production inspection for the machine vision industry. Aqsense's customized applications and engineering solutions are supported with training and seminars. Feasibility studies for 3D integration include the evaluation of cameras, lasers and hardware configuration.


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