Oct. 31, 2016

Part Inspection

­The need for fast, yet reliable, quality control of parts is definitely growing in industrial development and production. As a manufacturer, are you constantly questioning the quality control of your parts? Do your parts meet all engineering, design and specification requirements? Is the environment in which you are conducting your quality control inspections negatively skewing the results? And above all, are non-conformances detected quickly enough upstream so that you can fix defects—and mitigate the costs associated with rework, wasted resources, user safety and customer dissatisfaction?

Discover how ­Creaform’s technologies can help improve the accuracy and efficiency of both first article and in-line inspection.

First article inspection

Creaform’s quality control technologies can play a critical role in your first article inspection (FAI) and accelerate your time-to-market. Thanks to our portable solutions, you can inspect your parts right on the production floor, without the need to have them checked out in a metrology lab, and at third-party suppliers before final delivery. With our CMMs and complementary solutions, you are guaranteed highly accurate and fast results—and no more inspection bottlenecks.

In-line inspection

Along with removing the need to inspect parts in a metrology lab, Creaform’s portable 3D measurement technologies enable inspections right on the shop floor, without the need for a controlled environment: all of our solutions can withstand the harshest environments and surrounding vibrations. This maximizes the efficiency of your quality control process throughout your entire production run. No more surprises at the very end!

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