Jun. 04, 2010

Optical Measurement of Gear Teeth

Profile scanners (model scanCONTROL 2800-25) from Ortenburg-based sensor specialist Micro-Epsilon are able to generate digital 3D images of gear teeth and can be used to measure the run-out characteristics of gear shafts with plug-in toothing, bevel gears with hypoid toothing and similar axial components.
As gear wheels can warp during manufacture, the run-out requires inspection. The extent of the "ovality" and the direction in which it should be adjusted must be determined for any adjustment of the workpiece. Special measuring instruments use high-precision laser scanners that enable automatic adjustment of the workpiece, quickly and precisely.

The scanCONTROL 2800-25 laser line scanner with a 25 mm measuring range digitises the 3D structure of the tooth area and so is used for these types of application. The scanners achieve a measuring rate of up to 256,000 points per second. The sensor can be configured quickly and easily using the new Configuration Tools software.
The scanner is aligned with the component in such a way that the laser line is perpendicular to the teeth of the component. By rotating the clamped component or gear wheel, the complete tooth area is mapped three-dimensionally. The 3D point cloud measured in this way can now be evaluated according to the customer's requirements. A resolution better than 5 µm can be achieved by using special software evaluation algorithms.


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