Dec. 22, 2016

New Multisensor CMMs

  • Optiv Performance 663 Dual ZOptiv Performance 663 Dual Z

The multisensor concept of the Optiv Performance line from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence enables a variety of sensor configurations for tactile and contactless measuring and scanning tasks in a single system. Different workpiece features can be inspected by the appropriate sensors without reclamping, saving valuable measuring time.

The new CMMs feature low-vibration granite construction, precise mechanical linear guides on all axes, backlash-free precision drives, and integrated temperature compensation – resulting in a level of structural quality that means the machines can be used close to production. With the Optiv Performance 663 boasting a measurement range of 610 x 610 x 305 mm and the Optiv Performance 664 taking the Z-direction range up to 405 mm, the new CMMs further increase the range of parts that can be inspected.

To ensure optimal use of the entire measurement volume, the new Optiv Performance models can be equipped with Hexagon’s Optiv Dual Z option, giving them two independent vertical axes for the optical and tactile sensors.

The Optiv Performance 663 and 664 Dual Z CMMs are now available worldwide


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