Oct. 18, 2009

New Low Cost Laser Sensors

The new low cost optoNCDT1302 laser sensor from Micro-Epsilon replaces the optoNCDT 1300 in the product range. Compared to its predecessor, this model provides a measuring rate of 750Hz and is available for the first time with an RS422 port in addition to the analogue current / voltage output. The sensor has a trigger and a teach-in input, which enables the user to individually adjust the measuring range.

Another special feature of the sensor is the integrated peak evaluation for selection of the first, last or highest peak measurement. Also new is the Threshold Function for adjustment of the threshold setting in three stages. The optoNCDT 1302 provides flexibility via a swivelling cable connector so that the direction of the cable output can be selected depending on the individual application. As before, the new series comprises four sensors, which offer measuring ranges between 5mm and 200mm. Together with the integrated controller, the very compact design facilitates rapid mounting and installation in tight spaces.

The optoNCDT 1302 is suitable for all common measurement tasks. Despite its compact dimensions, the 1302 series provides precise measurement results and is therefore ideal for machine building and system integration.


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