Mar. 01, 2005

New Inverted Digital Microscope for Industrial Applications

Maximum brilliance, intelligent automation, flexibility and integration characterise the new Leica Microsystems innovations for industrial applications. In keeping with its guiding principle “Simply Microscopy”, Leica puts applications in the foreground with its new DMI5000 M inverted digital microscope. Instead of dealing with the complexities of setting up their microscopes, users can concentrate fully on their specimens.

With its intelligent design, the DMI5000 M is tailored to industrial applications – from routine incoming and quality control inspections to materials analysis in scientific research. The new inverted digital microscope delivers reliable results and is equally suited to inspecting steel in the metalworking industry as it is for geological applications.

With its completely new incident-light axis, the new inverted microscope delivers especially brilliant images with great depth of field and high resolution in bright- and dark-field, polarisation and differential interference contrast (DIC). Leica Microsystems engineers developed the unique, integrated “Inclusion Counter”, a steel purity module especially for quality control in the metalworking industry. Constant Colour Intensity Control (CCIC) maintains a constant colour temperature of 3200 K thus preventing a red cast to images at low lamp voltages.

Even highly complex processes are fully automated for maximum convenience: users of the DMI5000 M receive razorsharp, brilliant images at the touch of a button. Users can nevertheless intervene manually at any time. Thanks to its flexible concept, the basic version of the microscope can be retrofitted with the full range of high-end components – such as the motorised DIC – at any time. As with all Leica Microsystems products, the DMI5000 M can be combined freely with all of the solutions in the full product range – from digital cameras to application software.

Leica Microsystems is a leading global designer and producer of innovative high-tech precision optics systems for the analysis of microstructures.

It is one of the market leaders in each of its five business areas: Microscopy, Imaging Systems, Specimen Preparation, Medical Equipment and Semiconductor Equipment.

Leica Microsystems manufactures a broad range of products for numerous applications, which require microscopic visual presentation, measurement, analysis or electron-beam lithography. The company offers system solutions in the areas of life science, including biotechnology and medicine, as well as the science of raw materials, industrial quality assurance and the semiconductor industry. The company is represented in over 100 countries with 10 manufacturing facilities in six countries, sales and service organisations in 19 countries, an international network of dealers, 3,700 employees and a turnover of € 530 million. The international management is headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany.

Dr. Kirstin Henze Leica Microsystems AG Tel. +49 6441 29 2550 Fax +49 6441 29 2527

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