May. 23, 2013

The machine engineer's oscilloscope

The portable Promon Scope high-speed camera system from AOS makes it possible to monitor and analyze high-speed processes (for example, packaging and manufacturing machines). Here, processes are recorded at a high frame rate and subsequently played back in slow motion. This allows analyzing the very fastest mechanical operations on site in great detail and fine-tuning systems as required.
Promon Scope supports frame rates of up to 2000 frames/sec and recording times from minutes to hours. An integrated battery allows the system to operate independently of the power grid. In addition to the trigger input for discrete signals (e.g. directly from a PLC), the Promon Scope offers two A/D inputs. They allow recording image data synchronized to external signals and playing them back graphically. The recorded image data can be transferred to a PC via a USB interface, processed using the software included with the system or converted into preferred video formats.


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