Feb. 23, 2011

Leitz Infinity Coordinate Measuring Machine: Refined Touch

The coordinate measuring machine Leitz Infinity from Hexagon Metrology enters the new year with sophisticated sensors and a forthcoming new model.

A new version of the proven Leitz LSP-S4 measurement head heralds the start of the new year: the LSP-S4 Ultra Low Force is available immediately on the Leitz Infinity. Thanks to the low trigger force of this measurement head of up to 0.005 N, no scratch marks or any other damage is caused to the part during inspection.

When is it particularly important to use the LSP-S4 Ultra Low Force? Typically when measuring coated lenses or highly polished, high-precision copper, titanium or aluminium parts. In general whenever the inspected parts have delicate or reflective surfaces and require to be accurately measured using tactile sensors.

From now on, the Leitz Infinity will also have vision metrology capability. The LSP-S4 or LSP-S4 Ultra Low Force simply automatically replaces its stylus with a Precitec chromatic white light sensor (CWS). The optical chromatic white light sensor is based on the chromatic confocal measurement technique. The advantages of this proven visual measurement procedure: successful precise measurements - whether the surface is inclined, reflective or dispersive. High axial resolution is also available for measuring complex structures. The sensor is therefore ideal for complex applications such as measuring glass or plastic lenses, surfaces and profiles. The high-precision optical sensor excels in particular because it is not affected by variable ambient light.

But the big changes to the Leitz Infinity have not been confined to the field of sensors. The additional machine size also offers more flexibility. As well as the existing machine size of 1,200 x 1,000 x 700 mm (X x Y x Z), a new series with dimensions 1,200 x 1,000 x 600 mm will soon be available. The new model can be used in measuring rooms with lower ceiling heights.

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