Dec. 06, 2010

Infrared Cameras with New Microscopy Lenses

Flir SC5000 Series incorporates the most advanced infrared cooled camera technology available, with high spatial and thermal resolution.

GigE or CamLink interfaces transmit both commands and high dynamic range digital video. Cooled InSb arrays of 320 x 256 or 640 x 512 pixels deliver high frame rates of up to 380 or 100 Hz respectively in full frame mode, while offering extraordinary linearity and sensitivity figures. The SC5000 is now available with a microscopy stand designed to provide a complete solution for IR microscopy R&D applications such as circuit board design, biotechnology and microsystems technology. The new microscopy stand together with a x5 macro lens provides spatial resolution down to 3 µm per pixel - without loss of dynamics or measurement accuracy.

Further information you can find here.


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