Nov. 02, 2010

High Precision Optical Metrology Bench

In the ever demanding world of scientific research, metrology systems often need to go beyond the capabilities of off-the-shelf equipment. Direct collaboration between end-users and system designers is the way to maximise the compatibility of the process needs with a custom designed motion platform.

This optical metrology bench is another example of the bespoke motion solutions provided by Q-Sys in The Netherlands. Designed for the laser metrology of optical surfaces, the system includes innovative techniques for maximising the stability and repeatability of measurements while reducing angular errors to a minimum. The air-bearing carriages are driven by linear motors and the platform is also designed to input extremely low levels of heat into its environment. The finished system is exceeding expectations in both accuracy and measurement repeatability.


Q-Sys BV
Korte Dijk 2
5705 CV Helmond
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 492 714434
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