Jun. 03, 2019

Galvo scanner for laser micromachining and additive manufacturing

Aerotech presents the AGV-SPO, a new galvo high performance scanner. It offers a wider field of view than conventional 2D scanners, reduces laser spot distortion, and is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of mirror surfaces for a variety of laser wavelengths. As a result, the laser scanner offers an extremely wide range of applications, from additive manufacturing to medical technology.

With only one pivot point for X and Y deflection, Aerotech's AGV-SPO galvo scanner significantly magnifies the field of view, reducing laser spot distortion in critical laser micromachining applications. Due to the special optical design s, the entrance pupil of the laser beam coincides with the X and Y deflecting mirrors, which increases the effective numerical aperture of the scanner system. The design directly enlarges the field of view for a given focal length and reduces laser spot distortion throughout the work area. With the new galvo scanner, even larger parts can now be processed faster and with improved uniformity.


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