Oct. 27, 2014

FLIR: User experience with new FLIR T450sc and T650sc science and R&D cameras

Highest sensitivity and most advanced feature set available on portable cameras. Supplies a combination of infrared and visible spectrum images of superior quality and temperature measurement accuracy - plus contrast optimizer, laser pointer, voice annotation and a host of other advanced features.

FLIR has designed an updated user interface for the FLIR T450sc and FLIR T650sc with a clear icon language and a modern smartphone look and feel. The new FLIR T450sc and FLIR T650sc cameras have an auto-orientation function that automatically orients onscreen temperature measurement whether in landscape or portrait view. This way, users have better coverage of vertical objects. The T650sc also has a capacitive touch screen, which allows users even faster access to a wide range of tools, including note-taking and drawing functionality. Both cameras have improved NETD and can record IR sequences in real time and capture fast events directly to an SD-card for further analysis.


Flir Commercial Vision Systems B.V.
Charles Petitweg 21
4847 NW Teteringen – Breda
The Netherlands
Phone: 0031 (0) 765 79 41 94
Telefax: 0031 (0) 765 79 41 99

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