May. 19, 2010

Extended Range of ThermoImager Infrared Cameras

Micro-Epsilon has extended its range of thermoImager TIM infrared cameras. Due to further research and development of the TIM system using new components and a modified FPA detector, the cost of the camera has been reduced significantly. The thermoImager TIM 160/DK system has been customised for use in applications where high performance is required. In addition to the IR camera with standard lens, the system includes a wide angle and a telephoto lens, a mounting tripod and all necessary calibration documents. The system is supplied in an easy to handle aluminium case. The thermoImager TIM 160 is available for defined process integrations. The extremely compact infrared camera is intended for stationary use in industrial environments. The camera can be mounted in confined spaces in quality assurance and process monitoring applications on production lines.

The camera can be supplied with a special cooling housing for particularly demanding applications. Using an air jet unit and water-cooling, the camera is able to withstand ambient temperatures up to 180°C. The camera measures temperatures between -20°C and 900°C.


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