Nov. 01, 2010

CT Inspection for Production

The company Yxlon International offers the full-scale integration of computed tomography (CT) into conventional X-ray inspection using the universal Y.Multiplex radiographic inspection system along with the functionality of Y.CT-Inspect. In this system CT images can be included into programmed inspection just like radioscopic images so that any desired mixture of X-raying and CT is possible. The operator no longer has to have specialized knowledge of CT operations. Professionals can view and change all parameters in the manual mode. Work is also substantially simplified for them through the creation of templates and a database for CT findings.

Visualization of the reconstructed slice images already takes place in the system's operator software. The depiction occurs on 3 different sectional levels and permits intuitive navigating into the slices themselves. The same options for image processing and measurement that Y.Multiplex software allows for X-rayed images are available for analyzing computed tomographs, too. Operations such as measuring distances, areas and making markings become possible as a result. Yxlon makes use of Y.QuickScan, which enables a CT image to be acquired in less than 30 seconds, including the depiction of slice images. This, in turn, fulfils the requirements set by production for a high throughput. When desired, the data can be auto-matically transferred to special analysis software as well, for instance to VGStudio from the firm Volume Graphics, allowing further analysis of a 3D model.

The classic areas for deployment of a universal radiographic inspection system involving CT are applications in which inspection items are predominantly X-rayed using manual or programmed radiographic inspection, however in certain inspection positions a concrete statement via CT is needed regarding the depth of casting flaws. This solution avoids having to perform unnecessary additional work on items that prove to be a problem. For manufacturers, that means a tangible cost savings.


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