Aug. 26, 2020

Colibri housing now available with germanium disc

  • Picture: AutovimationPicture: Autovimation

As a new option, Autovimation now offers its Colibri housing with a DLC and anti-reflective coated (7-14 µm) germanium disc. Thanks to special seals, 28 mm of the 30 mm disc diameter are available as a free orifice diameter. This minimizes the costs for the germanium window and enables a significantly cheaper housing for small infrared or thermal imaging cameras. The extremely compact Colibri protective camera housings with IP66 are the ideal solution for space-critical applications. They are suitable for cameras with a cross-section of 29 x 29 mm or 30 x 30 mm and for lenses up to 39 mm in diameter.

The low weight of around 400 g predestines the models for mobile applications. With only 50 x 50 mm (W x H) and 117 mm to 211 mm total length, the housing is only slightly larger than the camera to be protected with lens and connection. The possibility of flexibly positioning the camera in the housing means that the front lens can be placed directly behind the germanium disk. Thanks to the large aperture, wide-angle lenses can also be used without any problems. At the same time, autoVimation's range of front covers of different depths opens up the option of using cameras with both C and S-mount lenses: C-mount lenses can be used with conventional deep standard front covers for easy access to the focus and aperture ring protrude by 23 mm from the housing profile. With the new, only 6 mm flat Colibri front cover, however, S-mount lenses are mounted directly behind the pane to avoid corner shading.

The patented Heatguide / Quicklock camera mount has been simplified and miniaturized by autoVimation so that the camera can be attached to the housing from only one side. The Colibri housings are attached using a 30 mm wide dovetail profile system. Adapter clamps are also available to ensure compatibility with the 40 mm wide dovetail profile of the company's own modular assembly system. An M25 cable gland with a large sealing insert allows several cables with plugs up to 21 mm in diameter to be fed through and sealed.


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