Jul. 06, 2011

3D Machine Vision Library Allows the Use of CAD Files

The CAD import Tool is a module of the SAL3D library that allows any user to easily generate a cloud-of-points from a CAD file. The software uses such cloud-of-points as a reference model for comparison with scanned objects obtaining the differences between the real object and this 'golden' virtual representation. Thanks to this technology, no perfect physical model is needed making the development of 3D Quality Assurance projects faster, more cost-effective and more robust.

Using the CAD Import Tool
ESPA, a leading watter pumps manufacturer, is collaborating with Aqsense in order to thoroughly test this feature on whirlpool and spa turbines. Using a laser-triangulation system, the produced pumps are scanned and compared to the reference CAD object obtaining the CAD-to-Object deviations where any defect or shape aberration is clearly highlighted.

About Aqsense
Aqsense develops and commercializes 3D point cloud acquisition and processing libraries that allow high speed in-line 100% production inspection for the Machine Vision Industry. Aqsense's customized applications and engineering solutions are supported with training and seminars. Feasibility studies for 3D integration include the evaluation of cameras, lasers and hardware configuration.


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