Nov. 03, 2009

3 Megapixel Camera with 500 Frames per Second

Mikrotron presents its new ultra high-speed digital 3-Megapixel camera, MotionBLITZ EoSens Cube7. With unique features the camera is the new top model of the successful and proven MotionBLITZ EoSens product family.

The compact storage camera has many functions and features for highest image quality. Because resolution and speed are variable adjustable, the Camera is getting extremely flexible. Therefore the camera meets the requirements of different applications. With a resolution of 1696 x 1710 pixels, the GigE Vision-compatible 3-Megapixel camera provides a frame rate of 500 frames per second. The camera's field of view is variable adjustable in resolution and speed. This opens up frame rates up to 285,000 fps.

The build in (Fixed Pattern Noise) FPN correction on a pixel by pixel base corrects black level and dynamic deviation with the help of an internally stored reference image and provides crisp clear and low noise images. The selectable non linear dynamic transfer function delivers distinctive details even in extremely bright areas, where other cameras would simply saturate.

Other highlights of the new Mikrotron camera are the included multiple ROI-function (region of interest), a GigE Vision-compatible interface for transfers up to 100 m, the Burst Trigger Mode, the internal ring buffer for recording up to 6 seconds at 500 fps and maximum resolution, a very compact housing and the integrated battery. With the proven ImageBLITZ® Auto trigger - a freely defineable trigger image within the live image as real time optical sensor - even very sporadic events can be captured and recorded. As in the previous camera-family, the camera is available even in the extremely compact version of MotionBLITZ EoSens mini. Even a 3-Megapixel Camera Link version will be available. 


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