Jul. 28, 2020

Visiconsult: Inline CT Solution

Nominee inspect award 2021

  • Nominee inspect award 2021: Inline CT Solution (Photo: Visiconsult)Nominee inspect award 2021: Inline CT Solution (Photo: Visiconsult)

New methods and production technologies evolve in different branches, but quality is still the one criterion that needs to be proofed. Many manufacturers prefer a 100% inspection. That means a quality control of each single produced part and also the inside and the outside of a part. The idea of an Inline CT solution was born and VisiConsult developed and produced several of this solution worldwide. Integrated into an inline production and a cycle time of 42 seconds, there is no loss of time anymore because of inspection. Due to the CT scans it is possible to perform 3D analyses, which means that it can be inspected 100% non-destructively.

The combination of integration in inline production and high speed CT-scan is a unique and unrivalled solution. With automatic evaluation (ADR), no human needed. Scan of parts of electric vehicle (eMobility) products.

Vote at www.inspect-award.com and choose the best machine vision product. Three Amazon vouchers worth 50 euros each will be raffled among all participants.


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