Sep. 24, 2010

Quality Assurance of Chassis Parts

The SAL3D library from the Spanish software company, Aqsense, guarantees quick and precise capture of three-dimensional objects using 3D point clouds and therefore enables the comparison of body and chassis parts with a reference model directly after they leave the stamping tool to ensure optimal quality management.

SAL3D, the standard software library for 3D image processing applications allows a non-contact measurement, analysis and documentation of any three dimensional body part in high speed production processes. The rapid comparison with a reference model is of advantage specifically in the automotive industry where complex components are produced with the highest demand for precision and safety requirements. Here it is vital for the production process to have a dimensional accuracy and stability.

Analysis of the point cloud enables the measurement of body and chassis parts, directly after being shaped by the stamping press. A prototype for this application was developed for BMW in a cooperative effort between Aqsense, Photonfocus and Heitec, which successfully proved the technical feasibility of such a concept. The complex components are measured and a direct comparison between the reference model and the actual part can be made based on the analysis of the point clouds.

Firstly the 3D position of the object is determined and its actual form is being measured. The result is then compared with the reference model, the "golden template". Even the slightest deviations can thus be detected.

This procedure provides an advantage particularly in industrial production processes to ensure quality control without interupting the production process. At the same time a high quality standard can be guaranteed and allows corrective interventions at early stages of the production.
"This permits refinishing work right in the production process. Loss of time can be widely avoided and productivity is maintained at a high level." stated Ramon Pallí, CEO of Aqsense.


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