Jul. 29, 2020

Micro-Epsilon: Laser Scanners Scancontrol 30xx

Nominee inspect award 2021

  • Nominee inspect award 2021: Laser Scanners Scancontrol 30xxNominee inspect award 2021: Laser Scanners Scancontrol 30xx

The new scanControl 30xx laser scanners offer the highest performance and are used for high speed and precise 2D/3D measurement tasks up to 10,000 Hz. The integrated controller directly calculates and evaluates the profiles. The scanControl Gateway enables results to be transmitted via different interfaces such as Ethernet, Profinet, EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT. These compact and lightweight profile sensors are equipped with the Real Time Surface Compensation feature for dynamic adaption to changing surfaces, as well as with the High Dynamic Range mode intended for measurements on inhomogeneous surfaces. In addition, the user can freely select different operating modes for individual requirements.

The scanControl laser scanners have an integrated controller and therefore do not require any external control unit. As well as parameter setting for the sensors and the measuring programs, the internal controller directly performs calculation and evaluation of the profiles. This is of great benefit as both wiring and integration into restricted installation spaces are significantly simplified. The available interfaces make it possible to integrate the scanners in industrial environments. For multi-scanner applications, interface modules are available.

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