Mar. 01, 2005

Megapixel Progressive Scan CCD Camera

The STC-CL1500 by the Japanese manufacturer Sentech is a newly developed black and white 1.45M CCD camera for general purposes in the Machine Vision Industry. With only 90 x 44 x 29 mm in size the camera is extremely compact. In full resolution mode at 1360 x 1024 active pixels it delivers up to 15 fps from a 1/2" Sony CCD sensor. Just recently the STC-CL1500 was tested by the German frame grabber manufacturer Silicon Software and approved for use with their CameraLink grabber microEnable III. Besides the digital CameraLink interface, the STC-CL1500 also features an industry standard 12 pin Hirose connector for external synchronisation, trigger inputs and analogue video output. The camera can be configured with on board dip switches; as an alternative a graphical user interface running on a connected PC can also be used.,

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