Jun. 17, 2010

In-line Detection of Dings and Dents

Small Deformations can be Consistently Captured and Assessed

  • Smallest deformations can be consistently captured and assessedSmallest deformations can be consistently captured and assessed
  • Smallest deformations can be consistently captured and assessed
  • Fast validation of surface topography and exact assignment of defects in one scan
  • Stationary surface gauging with3D DENTscan

Using an innovative method for 3D topography measurement, the Isra Vision 3D DENTscan inspection system is now available for the inspection of different surfaces for small topographical defects such as dings and dents. Such unwanted deformations are difficult to see with the naked eye. Conventional 2D image processing is not capable of handling the task of detecting flat bumps or irregularities in a reliable manner. The only certain way to locate these defects is to use a highly precise measurement of 3D surface geometry. Up until now these methods have been too expensive and were too slow for in-line inspection and were also too complicated to be implemented effectively.

Isra Vision has now developed a process to be able to capture such deformations during production. Special lighting on the surface of the sample shows the deformations caused by dings and dents. These changes of the surface can be captured by a camera and be accurately assessed. The procedure allows for inspection of all types of sheet metal: straight, curved, raw, painted or layered. And the costs are well below those off current 3D measurement systems.

The 3D DENTscan in-line inspection system can be used in stationary applications in order to inspect large surfaces, as well as being installed on robots for flexible implementation. The system achieves short cycle times and high test speeds of a few mm per second with location and depth resolutions in the range of a few hundredths of a millimeter. Many production systems can therefore realize a significant gain in productivity, save materials and reduce costs.


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