Aug. 26, 2020

GOM Combines Its Measurement and Evaluation Software in One Platform


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Professional evaluation is what turns precise measurement results into a competitive advantage. 3D metrology specialist GOM has become the gold standard in many sectors with its all-in-one GOM Inspect software. Customers appreciate how easy the software is to operate and the reliable navigation that it provides along the entire workflow – from measurement to inspection and final report. The new GOM Inspect Suite continues GOM’s focus on concrete customer benefits: all applications are now fully integrated and can also be customized flexibly using in-house scripts.

GOM, a Zeiss Group company, provides optical 3D metrology systems. The associated GOM software features free inspection functions that are updated every year and can be extended through the addition of paid modules. GOM’s focus is on its customers: thanks to the software’s intuitive operation and customizable functions, both beginners and industry experts can carry out their specific measurement tasks easily and optimize their processes.

GOM Inspect Suite

The 2020 software release includes structural improvements as well as additional functions. GOM’s new software platform goes by the name GOM Inspect Suite. Grouping together all applications and offering full integration, from 3D data capture to reporting, the platform offers a large number of workflow efficiency improvements, greater flexibility and process security, and reduces the need to invest in training.

System-independent evaluation of 3D measuring data

The GOM Inspect Suite 2020 also offers system-independent evaluation software for 3D measuring data generated by fringe projection scanners, laser scanners, coordinate measuring machines and other measuring machines. Industry-specific inspection functions for aerospace and automotive as well as paid modules such as the GOM Inspect Professional Module support parametric inspection and simplify the entire measurement workflow through templates for measuring procedures and inspection reports (‘Smart Teach’ functions).

For more information about the GOM Software 2020 click here.


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