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INSPECT 05-2010

Publishing Date: 22.09.2010



Tracing Deviations
USB 2.0 Camera Detects Centering Errors of Optical Lenses
Ulli Lansche, Michael Geier


Success and Constancy
Gabriele Jansen


Machine Vision in Europe Returns to Growth
Most European Vision Companies Unharmed by the Crisis Year
Andreas Breyer

10 Years of INSPECT
A Decade of Highlights in Machine Vision and Optical Metrology

Machine Vision in Iran
Market Situation, Entry Barriers and Opportunities from an Inside Perspective
Kasra Ravanbakhsh

Event Calendar

Vision in Sight
Vision 2010: Leading Global Trade Fair with Attractive Supporting Program

Vision China 2010
Machine Vision Trade Fair in the Growth Country China

No Martini, No Party
Image Processing Basics: Illumination
Prof. Dr. Christoph Heckenkamp

10 Years of INSPECT: Yesterday, Today and Way Ahead
Kamillo Weiß

Interview with Wilhelm Stemmer, Managing Director of Stemmer Imaging


A Smoother Pebble...
Cognex's Bill Silver on the Future Developments in Machine Vision

Perfect Book
Dewarping Curved Pages through Book Scanner with 3D Measurement
Michael Gibbons

Camera Alliance
Interview with Jürgen Hartmann and Andreas Schaarschmidt

Another Cuppa Tea?
The Visual Perception of Service Robots
Jan Jonckheere


The Holy Grail

History of Bin Picking
Adil Shafi, Jürgen Bosse

Packaging's Potency
Interview with Birger Becker, Mettler-Toledo

Turning the Blades
Consistent Life Cycle Monitoring Concept for Gas-Turbine Blades
Helmuth Euler


How to Lose Weight and Gain Importance
1960 to Date: The History of Industrial Thermal Imaging
Doug Barry

With Precision into the Race
Leica Absolute Tracker Gives Red Bull Racing Wings
Andreas Petrosino

A Perfect Profile
Optical Laser Sensors Measures Metal Strips' Thickness Profile
Siegfried Kalhofer


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