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The Night Watch is a really huge painting of 17 square meters. It is among the most prestigious exhibits of the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, which has more than 2 million visitors every year. The aim of "Operation Night Watch", which started in summer, is to understand Rembrandt's painting process and to apply the findings to the subsequent 26th restoration, a long-term preservation of this 17th century painting.

The last restoration took place in 1975. The current restoration is preceded by the most comprehensive examination ever of this painting. The research team makes use of advanced imaging techniques, such as X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, to accurately investigate the painting. An entire year has been budgeted for this project. Read more about it here.

Also in the News: On March 18, 2020 On Semiconductor takes orders for the last time for its CCD sensors. More information here.

Highlights of the month come from Vision Engineering, Edmund Optics and Flir. They are definitely worth a look.

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Andreas Grösslein
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Flir introduces industrial deep learning imaging camera


Flir introduced the Firefly DL. According to the manufacturer, it should be the first deep-learning, interference-capable machine vision camera with neuro technology. Due to its small size (27x27x14.5 mm), the low weight (20g), the low ...


New ground-breaking digital 3D display technology


DRV (Deep Reality Viewer) by Vision Engineering produces high-resolution 3D stereo images without using a monitor or wearing headset or special glasses: images "float" in front of a viewing mirror.


Edmund Optics introduces new lenses with TFL Mount


The new 28mm APS-C sensors from Sony (32MP) and e2v (64MP) promise to fill the gap in image circle size between C-mount and full frame making it possible to design much higher resolution systems that are still relatively compact. ...




Automatic Defect Review


Advances in lithographic processing allow for the production of ever smaller semiconductor devices. With decreasing device sizes, nanometer-sized defects on the wafer substrates can already limit the performance of the devices.


Versatile 3D Scanner for First Article Inspection, Quality Assurance, or Any Stage of the Product Lifecycle Management

A new metrology-grade 3D scanner - the result of several years of research and development – ...


How an XRF Spectrometer Reveals the Secrets of “The Night Watch“

With the aid of as X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, expensive paintings can harmlessly be ...


Options for High-Definition, Real-Time Image Acquisition Over Cable

Maintaining image quality when receiving analog and digital video over extended distances has ...




ON Semiconductor stops production of CCD sensors


On March 18, 2020 the semiconductor manufacturer On Semiconductor takes orders for the last time for its CCD sensors. These will be sent out by 18 September 2020. Too few orders due to the availability of increasingly powerful CMOS sensors ...


Standard machine vision software with new functions: MVTec presents HALCON 19.11

MVTec will release HALCON 19.11, the latest version of its standard software HALCON, on November ...


Spectaris elected new board

The trade association Photonics of the industrial association Spectaris elected a new board on 12th ...


Zeiss participates in sensor spin-off

With the help of Senorics GmbH, a spin-off of the TU Dresden, Zeiss wants to produce small, ...


Competence center for sensors and measuring technology at the SPS

The AMA Association for Sensor Technology and Measurement presents itself with its members at SPS ...


New Head of Zeiss Research Microscopy Solutions

On October 1, 2019, Dr. Ing. Michael Albiez (43) has taken over the management of the Strategic ...


Basler and Drag & Bot start joint integration project

In a joint project by Basler with Drag & Bot, Basler's 2D cameras were integrated into the ...


Polytec takes over distribution of Micron Optics

The manufacturer of optical metrology solutions Polytec takes over the distribution of the products ...


Third Dimension achieves ISO17025 Accreditation

Third Dimension announce their recent accreditation to ISO17025 by the United Kingdom Accreditation ...





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