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Johannes Meyer won with his work on Light Field Methods for the Visual Inspection of Transparent Objects the EMVA Young Professional Award 2019. The winner was introduced on May 18 at the 17th EMVA Business Conference in Copenhagen / Denmark and was given the opportunity to present his work to the conference participants. What exactly it contains can be found here.

In addition, Stemmer Imaging acquired the Spanish Infaimon S.L., a supplier of software and hardware for the field of industrial vision and robotics. According to agreement, Stemmer Imaging will pay a low double-digit million euro amount to acquire one hundred percent of the shares in the group. More here.

Highlights of the week come from Aerotech, Matrix Vision and Edmund Optics. They are definitely worth a look.

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Multi-element tube system


Edmund Optics now offers the new Techspec multi-element tube system. It works as a complete system by combining multi-element outer tubes with multi-element inner single-optic holders and multi-element inner pair optic holders. The outer ...


High-resolution 31 megapixel cameras for USB 3 and dual GigE


With the IMX342 Pregius sensor, Sony has launched a high-resolution global shutter CMOS sensor, which is very sensitive to light with a pixel size of 3.45 μm and provides a very high dynamic range. Due to the high resolution and size of ...


Galvo scanner for laser micromachining and additive manufacturing


Aerotech presents the AGV-SPO, a new galvo high performance scanner. It offers a wider field of view than conventional 2D scanners, reduces laser spot distortion, and is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of mirror surfaces for a ...




M&A Trends and Purchase Prices in the Vison Industry


In the prospering vision industry, M&A transactions are becoming more and more popular. Yet, it takes more than just money to ensure such transactions are successful. Munich-based Arthos Corporate Finance is giving insight into those ...


How to Reduce the Workload of a Traditional CMM and Solve Bottleneck Issues

While CMM used to be the means of choice for quality inspections in earlier times, 3D scanning has ...


High-Defintion Long-Reach Video Transmission

Maintaining image quality when receiving analog and digital video over extended distances has ...




EMVA Young Professional Award 2019


The EMVA Young Professional Award 2019 goes to Dr. Ing. Johannes Meyer for his work "Light Field Methods for the Visual Inspection of Transparent Objects". Johannes Meyer, 31 years old, completed his Bachelor and Master studies ...


MVTec: Dr. med. Wolfgang Eckstein retires as Managing Director

Dr. Wolfgang Eckstein, co-founder, co-owner and one of the managing directors of MVTec Software ...


EMVA appoints new standards manager

The European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) has appointed Werner Feith as the new EMVA Standards ...


Stemmer Imaging acquires Infaimon Group

Stemmer Imaging has the Spanish Infaimon S.L. acquired, a supplier of software and hardware for the ...


The 17th EMVA Business Conference was a great success

The 17th EMVA Business Conference 2019 from 16th to 18th May, which this time took place in ...


Robot to assist with learning disabilities wins at international student competition

The team of the TU Ilmenau won first place in the international computer competition "Hard ...


MVTec and Hilscher jointly integrate Machine Vision and SPS

MVTec and the Hilscher start a technical partnership to facilitate easier integration of image ...





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