May. 06, 2020

Zeiss: Spin-off develops technology for autonomous driving

Zeiss spun off the start-up Scantinel Photonics and integrates it into its venture portfolio. Scantinel is involved in the development of second generation light detection and ranging sensors (LiDAR). The technology for optical distance and speed measurement is used in autonomous vehicle technologies. The company relies on "Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave Technology" (FMCW) for the development of new LiDAR sensors. With these frequency-modulated LiDAR sensors, distances and speeds of the detected objects can be measured even better.

The manufacture of the new optical sensors is based on photonic integration, in which special optical components for processing light pulses, similar to electronic circuits, are applied to a silicon chip. Zeiss competencies in semiconductor technology, process development, photonic circuits and data processing will play an important role.

There are already various collaborations with high-tech partners, including Bridger Photonics, also a Zeiss venture and pioneer in FMCW LiDAR technology, and the European research center IMEC, one of the world's leading institutes in the field of silicon electronics.


Carl Zeiss IMT GmbH
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 22
73447 Oberkochen
Phone: +49 7364 200
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