Dec. 01, 2016

Zeiss and Swiss University Begin Long-Term Research Collaboration

Zeiss will support innovative research projects at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, abbr. EPFL). The company will make one million euros available for new research projects in key technology fields such as biomedical research, medical diagnostics and visualization as well as optical metrology and inspection. This is part of a partnership with the renowned EPFL which will take the existing connections between the company and the university to a whole new level. Starting in 2017 Zeiss will also present student awards at the university to honor innovative master's and doctoral theses in the areas of photonics, optoelectronics, computational imaging and data analysis.

Today Prof. Patrick Aebischer, President of the EPFL, and Dr. Ulrich Simon, Head of Corporate Research and Technology at Zeiss, will sign the framework agreement for this long-term collaboration.
"This contract spans several years and will enable more agile and dynamic collaboration than with the traditional collaborative projects between academia and industry," says Dr. Ulrich Simon. "We have defined key research areas and are giving the university free reign in its research. By working together we will achieve new insights and want to more strongly support innovations."
Prof. Patrick Aebischer adds: „EPFL has state-of-the-art laboratories capable of providing innovative solutions in areas such as biomedical research, medical diagnostics, visualization and optical metrology which are of particular interest to Zeiss.“

Thanks to the support from Zeiss, new research projects can be initiated and developed. Both parties want to launch and foster innovative projects together. The focus of the collaboration is on key technologies such as multidimensional imaging and data processing, multidimensional visualization, human-machine interaction and intelligent automation. A joint scientific committee will steer and oversee the projects.


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