Apr. 20, 2016

Webinar: Multi-scale Correlative Microscopy of Energy Storage and Conversion Devices

The joint webinar by our sister publication Microscopy&Analysis and Zeiss will address the need for multi-length scale characterization that addresses specific challenges in energy materials applications. In order to predict functional performance of devices and their ultimate failure modes, recent work has utilized multi-scale microscopy methods to relate microstructural observations of failures to electrochemical performance. Specific studies and topics will be presented, including:

  • Failures in lithium ion batteries (18650 cell)
  • In operando battery imaging
  • Fuel cells (PEFC and SOFC)
  • 2D, 3D and 4D imaging modalities

A variety of correlative imaging modalities will be presented with a special focus placed on 3D X-ray microscopy and electron microscopy. We will also address strategies and approaches to designing multi-scale correlative imaging experiments, enabled by recent developments at ZEISS.
Key learnings and take-aways:

  • Perspectives on the key challenges facing energy storage and conversion technologies and how microstructure characterization is playing a key role in developing solutions
  • How addressing a multi-scale and multi-modal approach to characterize the most relevant scales is necessary to obtaining accurate insights
  • An overview of ZEISS Microscopy solutions in Materials Science, including X-ray Microscopy, FIB-SEM, and FE-SEM imaging
  • How Atlas 5, and its correlative workspace, is enabling the study of complex multi-scale challenges

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About the presenters:

Dr. Paul Shearing
Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering and Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow
University College London

Paul Shearing has an MEng in chemical engineering from the University of Birmingham, and a PhD from Imperial College in Earth Science and Engineering. He is Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at University College London, and holder of a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship for ‘4-dimensional Tomography of Electrochemical Devices’.

His research explores the relationship between performance and microstructure for functional materials, with a primary focus on renewable and low carbon energy systems, particularly fuel cells and Li-ion batteries.

Dr. Arno Merkle
Sr. Manager – Materials Science
ZEISS Microscopy

Arno Merkle oversees correlative imaging and X-ray microscopy for the Materials Science market segment at ZEISS Microscopy. Previously, he has held positions in product- and segment management for X-ray, electron and helium ion microscopy product centers for ZEISS Microscopy. He received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern University in 2007, a B.A. in Physics from Gustavus Adolphus College and is most interested in pursuing strategies to address multi-scale research challenges with an ensemble of microscopy techniques.


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