Oct. 08, 2013

Webinar: Inspecting for defects

Opto-digital technology offers many advantages over traditional light microscopy, especially when inspecting for production defects. Light microscopy is a popular method for industrial quality control, and the novel approach of opto-digital technology builds upon this success. Combining the best of both optical and digital worlds, the success of quality assessment tasks can be improved within almost any manufacturing environment.

As part of the opto-digital range, the Olympus DSX series presents a complete investigation, measurement and reporting platform for the simple and efficient management of industrial quality control workflows. For example, the performance of electronic devices depends on the printed circuit board, where defects are likely to interfere with function. Inspection methods using the traditional stereo microscope can often miss those defects hidden by a protrusion or shadow, whilst tilting the sample is not ideal and not always possible. The capabilities of the opto-digital platform solve this problem, with the Olympus DSX100 featuring a free-angle tilting function, allowing the user to physically swing the head of the microscope from side to side for improved sample viewing. This facilitates inspection by allowing easy sample observation from a different viewpoint, maintaining precise focus without even touching the sample. Furthermore, the robust frame design has a low centre of gravity, providing extra stability during tilting operations.

Join us for the webinar "Benefits of opto-digital microscopes for industrial inspection", taking place on 24 October at 4pm CET, where Miriam Schwentker of Olympus will be exploring how the benefits of opto-digital microscopy is transforming surface inspection and metrology within industrial quality control. If you like to dive into more details, we recommend the white paper provided by Olympus on the topic.

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