Oct. 14, 2013

Webinar: Analysis through transparent layers

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Opto-digital microscopy is ideal for analysis through transparent layers. For example, the integrity of the printed circuit board is vital for the performance of electronic devices, but non-destructive inspection is often hampered by the presence of transparent layers covering the surface. The laminate layer obscures the underlying surface, and a sharp image cannot be obtained with standard optical microscopy.

Opto-digital microscopy draws from the latest developments in optical and digital technologies to overcome this challenge. Incorporating techniques such as polarised light illumination, the Olympus DSX range of opto-digital microscope reduces reflection from this top laminate layer to enable accurate inspection of the PCB.

For surface inspection and metrology, the opto-digital LEXT OLS4100 3D confocal laser scanning microscope can also penetrate transparent layers, for example to evaluate a metallic surface beneath a polyimide film. Accurate inspection and measurement of each layer is possible, even when measuring the roughness and thickness of multiple transparent layers, such as a transparent resin layer over a glass substrate. This of course is impossible using the traditional approach of contact profilometry.

Making advanced microscopy techniques accessible for operators at every level of expertise, the opto-digital microscope prioritises full focus on the inspection task. With a range of functions possible, opto-digital technologies are ideal for the management of complete industrial quality control workflows, streamlining the imaging, measurement and reporting stages of many tasks through rapid and intuitive operation.

Join us for the webinar "Benefits of opto-digital microscopes for industrial inspection", taking place on 24 October at 4pm CET, where Miriam Schwentker of Olympus will be exploring how the benefits of opto-digital microscopy is transforming surface inspection and metrology within industrial quality control. If you like to dive into more details, we recommend the white paper provided by Olympus on the topic.

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