Apr. 06, 2020

Viscom Expands Sales Organization in Italy

  • Pietro Camertoni, PCB Technologies. Picture: ViscomPietro Camertoni, PCB Technologies. Picture: Viscom

Viscom AG signed a new sales agreement with the Italian company PCB Technologies, which is headquartered in Fabriano, Ancona. Founded by Pietro Camertoni and Paola Filomena, the company has been a sales partner for a wide range of manufacturers in the Italian electronics industry since 1997. In addition to sales, PCB Technologies also offers after-sales, repair and maintenance services.

In addition to the sales partnership, the two companies also agreed to collaborate closely in product marketing and customer service. Initially, PCB Technologies will make use of the demonstration facilities in Germany, but will later maintain AOI systems for customer demonstrations in Italy. Moreover, the Italian maintenance and repair staff will be trained in Germany and receive training in commissioning and customer support as well.


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