Aug. 19, 2020

Viscom is the exclusive supplier for the Bosch plants

  • Viscoms System  S3016. Picture: ViscomViscoms System S3016. Picture: Viscom

As a new exclusive supplier, Viscom will equip Bosch-Werke worldwide with the S3016 ultra system for standardized 3D solder joint inspection of THT components. According to a company spokesman, the new 3D AOI solution from Viscom is helping to expand the decades-long technological partnership between Bosch and Viscom. During the development work on the new S3016 ultra THT inspection system, Bosch implemented special requirements.

The S3016 ultra has eight inclined cameras: Viscom's XM sensors have already proven themselves in 3D AOI systems for shadow-free SMD testing and can now also be found in the XMu module developed specifically for 3D THT testing. This allows the underside of circuit boards to be checked in order to inspect the soldered joints of THT, press-fit and SMD components in 3D for the first time. In addition to an exact 3D pin measurement, the quick detection of open soldering points, solder bridges or missing pins is guaranteed. During the inspection process, the camera module moves to the next position using an x ​​/ y unit and images that have already been recorded are evaluated in parallel, which results in a decisive time advantage and thus meets the highest cycle time requirements.

The transport system of the S3016 ultra enables the smooth handling of circuit board sizes of up to 520 mm length by 610 mm width and also workpiece carriers, whereby the innovative frame construction of the 3D-AOI allows a return path below the system. In line with Industry 4.0, the system can be comprehensively networked within the line and with MES.


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