Feb. 12, 2018

VDMA: Machine Vision continues on the fast lane

According to current surveys, in 2017 sales of the German machine vision industry rose by 18 per cent as expected. This corresponds to 2.6 billion Euros. For 2018, the industry forecasts a turnover growth rate of up to 10 per cent. “VDMA will present the exact figures in June. But one thing is already clear: The machine vision industry achieved record sales also in 2017 and will keep up its growth course,” says Anne Wendel, head of the VDMA sector group Machine Vision, on the occasion of the VISION CEO Roundtable.

Machine Vision meets current trends

For eight years, the European industry has seen record turnover and growth figures. Machine Vision meets current trends. The reason: Not only is this key technology increasingly applied in the global race for automation in classical industry sectors, it is also perpetually conquering new fields of application. Standards, connectivity and easy integration as well as digitalisation remain growths drivers. Embedded Vision and Machine Learning are opening up completely new areas and will provide the sector with fresh growth impetus.

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