Jan. 21, 2010

ThaiNox Decided for Inspection Solution

Highest Quality for Stainless Steel Production

Isra Parsytec received a purchase order by the stainless steel manufacturer for a surface inspection system at their Annealing Pickling (APF) line as well as a full license for the Quality Yield Management software.
The Thai stainless steel producer ThaiNox Stainless PLC, Thailand's only manufacturer and distributor of premium cold-rolled stainless steel sheets and coils and largest manufacturer in Asean, chose to equip his cold annealing-pickling line at their production site in Rayong with the state-of-the-art inspection system espresso SI. Not only the lean hardware convinced ThaiNox, but more importantly the user-friendly setup and operator software, which enables achieving valuable production benefits on the market shortly after installation.
In order to emphasize the production use, ThaiNox decided to purchase a full parsytec 5i license and to integrate the application ‘Coil Decision' in their daily operating cycles. The application is standardized software using database rules for automatic and interactive coil decisions, including any 3rd party gauge data.


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