Jun. 22, 2017

Tattile products are now distributed by Framos

Tattile is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with Framos. Through new cooperation all Tattile hardware and software products are now available in the Framos sales network in Europe and North America.

“With Framos we now cooperate with one of the strongest distribution partners in the machine vision industry. Both Tattile and Framos are very dynamic companies with an impressive success stories in last years”, says Tattile CEO Corrado Franchi. He is adding: “Following the Framos approach ‘From Sensors to Systems’, the Tattile product line is a great match, enabling synergies for customers to bundle Tattile cameras, software and/or vision controllers with third party lenses and lighting from the Framos portfolio. This is why we are looking forward to a long and prosperous cooperation with this distribution partner. Our endeavor is to respond to the needs of our customers by offering the most suitable technology for each individual application.” Lorenzo Cassano, Framos’ Head of Sales in Europe, expresses, “The new partnership is a next step in growing both Framos and Tattile. The Framos sales strategy matches the Tattile products line, providing state-of-the-art linescan technology, fully open machine vision controllers and the power of embedded imaging with the S-Line Smart Cameras.


Framos GmbH
Mehlbeerenstraße 2
82024 Taufkirchen
Phone: +49 089 710 667 0
Telefax: +49 089 710 667 66
Tattile srl
Via G. Donizetti, 1
25030 Mairano (Brescia)
Phone: +39 030 97000
Telefax: +39 030 97001

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