Sep. 25, 2017

Stemmer Imaging and Common Vision Blox: Two Anniversaries

30 years Stemmer Imaging, 20 years of Common Vision Blox: Europe's leading image processing technology supplier is celebrating two jubilees in autumn 2017. Stemmer Imaging GmbH was founded on 1 July 1987 by Wilhelm Stemmer. From the very beginning Stemmer Imaging GmbH focused on the very young technology field image processing, which was used almost exclusively in the scientific field at this time. Over the last three decades, however, the technology has evolved rapidly and is now an integral part of many areas of production and daily life.

Since its founding, Stemmer Imaging has been one of the main pioneers of the technical success of the entire image processing industry and has established itself over the last 30 years as the largest technology supplier for image processing in Europe. In 19 European countries, more than 250 experienced specialists from the company support their customers in all questions concerning image processing and help them to develop economical solutions for their respective applications.

"We provide our customers with easy access to the world's leading image processing technology, detailed expert knowledge and professional service. For this, we are working with total passion and the highest standards of quality ", Christof Zollitsch, one of the two managing directors, Stemmer Imaging, summarizes the company's vision. As the sales of the fiscal year ending at the end of June 2017 of 88.7 million euros and the entire company development over the past 30 years shows, Stemmer Imaging with its range of products and services exactly meets the requirements of the customers and the market.

This also applies to a special product that Stemmer Imaging presented for the first time in 1997, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The modular programming library Common Vision Blox (CVB) offers image processing developers extensive possibilities to implement sophisticated image processing solutions to act. The powerful programming library contains basic functions for image acquisition, image access, image display, coordinate transformation, image normalization and much more, and was created 20 years ago by the then development manager and today's managing director Martin Kersting.

"The main goal of CVB's development was to provide our customers with a flexible, modular software platform that enables them to assemble a powerful image processing system from a variety of hardware components," recalls Martin Kersting.

"Today, Common Vision Blox is successfully deployed in thousands of image processing applications across a wide range of industries," said Kersting, commenting on the success of the past 20 years. "With more than 80,000 image processing systems installed, Common Vision Blox is one of the most widely used software platforms for image processing. More than half of our customers also use the CVB CameraSuite, our operating system-independent SDK based on Common Vision Blox. "


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